Memo No:634 Dated 06.02.2016 Role of SMDC regarding teachers engaging in taking Private Tutions

Memo No 634 Role of SMDC regarding teachers engaging in taking private tuitions. MHRD Guidelines to SMDCs on Teachers Private activities. We all know that The RMSA framework provides every secondary school shall constitute a School Management & Development Committee (SMDC) at the school level comprising of representatives of local authorities, academicians, subject experts, officials representatives of disadvantaged groups, women and parents of schools.

As per the data available with MHRD 82.66% of secondary schools in the Telangana State having SMDC.  It is suggested that besides the planning and development functions, The School Management & Development Committee may also be requested to report instances of teachers engaging in Private institutions or Private teaching activities. As the member of committee come from the different sections of the society, they are likely to be aware of such practice by school teachers. This information will help curb the practices and facilitate consequent improvement in teaching standards in classrooms