RC No;405 Dated:15.03.2016 certain instructions on Implementation of New Academic year from 21.03.2016

SCERT Telangana Hyderabad-Implementation of Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17 from March 21st, 2016 onwards-Certain instructions and clarifications-orders issued. Certain instructions issued regarding Implementation of Academic Calendar 2016-17

Detailed instructions have been issued on the implementation of Academic Calendar for the year 2016-17. The academic calendar should be implemented from 21.03.2016.

The following are the further Instructions:

1.         Answer scripts should be valued and Cumulative Records should be completed in all aspects
2.         The Valued answer scripts must be given to children during 17.03.2016 to 19.03.2016 and discuss the answer scripts in class room
3.         Answer scripts should be given to children so that they can show to their parents
4.         The final result shall be declared on 20.03.2016 duly commencing SMC Meeting and recollect the cumulative records and keep in school
5.         Final consolidated results of school should be submitted to MEO/ Dy.EOs
6.         Academic Calendar 2016-17 should be implemented from 21.03.2016