GO Ms NO:122 Dated.11.04.2016 Funeral charges increase from 10000 to 20000 for all government Employees.


Welfare of Government Employees - Sanction of expenditure on obsequies or deceased Government Employees - Enhancement of obsequies charges from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- - Orders - Issued. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION (SERVICES WELFARE) DEPARTMENT
G.O.MS.N0.122                                                                                          Dated 11-04-2016
Read the following:- 

1. G-0.MS.No.192, GA(SW.I) Department, DI 23 04.2010 2 U.O.Note 68/1/HRM 1V/2014, Finance (HRM (V) Department, dt 09 4 2010 

In the G.O. 122 read above, the Government have enhanced the obsequies charges from Rs 5,000/ to Rs.10.000/- to all the categories of vernrnent employees including All Ind. Service Officers payable to the nO tot of Government employees or the person lawfully in possession of A\ of the 
deceased Government employees.
2. In the U.O. read above, the Finance (HRM.IV) Depart has requested Department to take necessary action for enhancement o I Charges to the deceased Government Employees, as per the recommended by the 10• Pay Revision Commission to increase the amount of funerAl c to Rs. 20,000/-.
3. The Government aft, careful examine charges from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20.000/- (twenty Thousand only) to all enhance the obsequies The categories of Government Employees to meet ensues on obsequies ceremony, in Case of death while in service.
4. The enhanced amount in par. ( all be debited to sub detailed Head of Account '310-Grants-in-aid", .312-• • nt-in-aid. under respective Major, Minor and Sub-Head of Account of t .14 meet concerned and exempted from the Treasury Control and Quarterly orders. All Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments sh piernentary grant for such expenditure incurred at the appropriate time du t same Financial Year,
5. This order issue their U.O.No.11609/44 161/EBS.I/A1/16. ed. 
concurrence of the Finance (EBS.1) Department vide EBS.I/2015, Dated. 09.10.2015 and Note.No.4776/ 04.2016 
                                                      R NO IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF TELANGANA)
                                                     DR RAJIV SHARMA CHIEF SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT.