GO MS No:196 Telangan Subordinate Service Rules-1996 Adoption to the Telangana State

The  Andhra  Pradesh  Reorganisation  Act,  2014  –  The Andhra  Pradesh State  and Subordinate  Service  Rules,  1996  – Adaptation  to the State  of  Telangana – Orders  – Issued.

1.Whereas,  by  virtue  of  Section  3  of  the Andhra Pradesh  Reorganisation Act,  2014 (Central  Act No.6  of  2014),  the  State  of  Telangana  comprising  the territories  specified therein has  been  formed  with  effect  from  02.06.2014;
2. And whereas,  by section  101  of  the said  Central Act,  the appropriate Government  i.e.,  the  State of  Telangana,  is  empowered by  order,  to  make  such adaptations and modifications of  any law (as defined  in  section  2(f)  of  the  Act) made  before  02.06.2014,  whether by  way of  repeal  or  amendment,  as may be necessary or  expedient,  for  the  purpose  of  facilitating  the  application  of  such law  in the State  of  Telangana,  before  expiration  of  two  years from  02.06.2014; and thereupon,  every  such law shall have  effect,  subject to  the  adaptations  and modifications so  made,  until  altered,  repealed  or amended  by a  competent Legislature or  other  competent  authority;
3. And whereas,  the  Andhra  Pradesh  State and Subordinate Service  Rules, 1996,  popularly known  as General  Rules,  made  by the Governor,  in  exercise  of the  powers conferred  by the  proviso  to  article  309  of  the  Constitution  of  India, vide  G.O.,  first read  above,  published  in the  Andhra  Pradesh Gazette,  Part-I, Extraordinary,  dt.27.1.1997 and  as  amended  from  time  to time,  are in  force  in the State  of  Andhra  Pradesh  as  on  01.06.2014;
4. And whereas,  the  Government,  keeping in  view the  requirement  of the State,  after  careful  examination,  have decided  to  adapt the  said  Andhra Pradesh  State  and  Subordinate  Service  Rules,  1996,  which  were  in  force  as on 01.06.2014,  with  certain  modifications  and amendments in  respect of  the members  of  the  State and  Subordinate Services  of  the Government  of Telangana. Page  1  of  59
5. Accordingly,  the  following Notification  will  be  published  in  an Extraordinary issue  of  Telangana State  Gazette,  dated:28-5-2016.
In  exercise  of the powers  conferred  by  section  101  of the Andhra Pradesh  Reorganisation  Act,  2014  (Central  Act No.6  of  2014),  the  Governor of  Telangana,  hereby  makes  the  following  Order, namely:- 1. 2. (1)  This  Order may be  called  “the Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate  Service  Rules,  1996  (Telangana Adaptation)  Order, 2016”.
(2)    It  shall  come  into  force  with  immediate  effect. For the  purpose of  this Order  and the  rules  adapted  herein,  the expression  “the  State”  shall have  the  meaning  and  areas  specified  in  section 3  of  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Reorganisation  Act,  2014  (Central  Act No.6  of 2014).
3. The  comprehensive  State and  Subordinate Service  Rules,  with suitable  modifications  and  amendments,  as  shown  in  the  Annexure  to  this Order,  shall  be  the  Telangana State and  Subordinate  Service  Rules.