RC No:405 School Developement Plan Proceedings and Proforma

TS School Development Plan 2016-17 Model Copy Download SCERT Telangana SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Academic year 2016-17    Development of School Development Plan – Orders issued –Reg.

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1.         As per Government Orders vide reference cited, all the schools shall develop School Development Plan for the year 2016-17. In this regard, all the Headmasters of the schools have to discuss the existing situation of the schools in terms of major challenges i.e. enrollment, retention, quality of teaching, teacher preparation, children learning outcomes, school infrastructure, community participation, Swachch Bharath etc. and fix certain targets to improve the situation.
2.         In this regard, a suggestive format is developed and enclosed. All the DEOs are requested to send this format by making copies to all types of schools under Government management i.e. Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools with instructions to prepare the School Development Plan (SDP) before 20th June, 2016 and start  implementation of the plan.
3.         The Headmaster, Teachers, SMC Members shall meet and discuss the format of the School Development Plan and analyse the each issue/ challenge systematically and prepare the plan. The SDPs must be implemented with a review on the progress on quarterly basis in SMC meetings. All the monitoring officers and State Level Monitoring Teams shall review the SDPs developed and its implementation.