Physical science

Physical science
* Concave Mirror interactive mode animation prepared by Bhasker Desh SRP
*How to write Projects by Adhithya 
*Physical Science in our Lives
*All In One FA-IV (IX Class)
*All In One FA-IV (X Class)
*Physics diagrams
*Physical Science (EENADU PRATHIBA)
*Human Eye 
*Lessonwise analysis by Srinivasa chary
*Chemistry Mind Mapping TM
*Physical Science Mind Mapping TM
*Mirrors ray Daigrams and Questions by srinivasa Chary
*Lense Ray Diagrams and questions by Srinivas chary
*Physics Questionnare(TM)
*Physics Questionnare (EM)
*Hybridization Trick 

Practice Papers Physics
*Practice Paper1
*Practice Paper2

Power point Presentations
*Electricity Intro
*Electricity 1
*Electricity 2
*Electric Motor
*Electric Circuits
*Left hand Rule
*Emmission Spectrum
*Aircraft Classification
*Altitude of a Rocket
*Acceleration graphs
*Direction of Acceleration
*Organic nominclature

Physical science Projects all in Telangana and Andhra pradesh as per CCE

project 1
project 2

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